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CVN 102 ECG Essentials

Time limit: 60 days
3 credits

$35 Enroll

Full course description

This course covers the following electrocardiographic topics and concepts: 

Checklist for Analyzing an ECG
2.Monitoring Protocols for Each ECG Abnormality
3.Importance of Lead Placement
4.Normal Shapes in V1, V6, Lead 2
5.Differentiating the Causes of Positive Wide-QRS Complexes from V1
6.Right Bundle Branch Block
7.Differentiating the Causes of Negative Wide-QRS Complexes from V1
8.Left Bundle Branch Block
9.Left Ventricular Rhythms

10.  Preexcitation (WPW)

11. Right Ventricular Rhythms
12. Atrial Rhythms

13. Junctional Rhythms

14. First Degree AV Block

15. Second Degree AV Block Type I

16. Second Degree AV Block Type II

17. Complete Heart Block

18. Hyperkalemia

19. Hypokalemia

20. Hypercalcemia

21. Hypocalcemia