CVN 106 Heart Failure

Time limit: 60 days
2 credits

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This course covers the following topics and concepts:
Heart failure; a growing world wide epidemic
Pathophysiology of heart failure
Risk factors for developing heart failure
Cardiac remodeling in heart failure
Classifications systems of heart failure
Diastolic dysfunction
Grading diastolic dysfunction
Manifestations of heart failure
Left sided heart failure
Right sided heart failure
Differentiating between left and right heart failure
Heart failure classified according to ejection fraction
Systolic dysfunction HFrEF
Pharmacologic management of HFrEF
Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction HFpEF
Pharmacologic management of HFpEF
Heart failure compensation
Physical assessment of heart failure patient
Functional capacity assessment
Volume status assessment
Treatment of the hospitalized patient with heart failure
The basics of treating heart failure
Diagnostic tests for heart failure
Laboratory tests for heart failure
BNP vs pro BNP
Sympathetic nervous system reaction to heart failure
Beta blockers in heart failure management
Renin angiotensin
ACE inhibitors and ARBS in heart failure management
Aldosterone antagonists in heart failure management
Diuretics in heart failure management
Entresto and Ivabradine in the management of heart failure
Cardiomems device
Implantable cardio-defibrillator (ICD) in the management of heart failure
CRT – Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
Left ventricular assist devices (LVAD) in management of heart failure